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A Doctor's Guide to Self-Publishing: 7 Steps to Become an Author and Influencer in Your Field!
Your influence as a healthcare professional extends beyond the exam room. Society looks to Doctors for guidance but to stand out as credible, you want to brand yourself as an expert in your niche. And because books build brands, you want to become a published and best-selling author.

It's understandable, as a healthcare professional, you're super busy. Caring for sick patients, completing administra­tive duties, conducting research, teaching students .. .it never stops. Finding the time to write that book that's been on your mind for so long seems impossible and learning how to brand yourself as an expert without the book is even more daunting. But here's a little secret, you can do it!

In A Doctor's Guide to Self-Publishing, Dr. Dale Okorodudu teaches you step by step how he wrote multiple Amazon best-selling books and established himself as a leader and expert in his niche. This book guides you through the writing, publishing, and book promotion stages that can position you for success in your field.

Here's the best part, it's not as difficult as you may think. This book will show you how Dr. Dale has successfully been able to write, publish, and hit the Amazon best-seller, all in under six months!

"Dr. Dale never disappoints. His books are always thoughtful and very helpful. This is a wonderful guide for anybody still on the sidelines and contemplating writing a book. This will help people get in the game."

"I am so glad this book was written! It is difficult to find time to write and practice medicine; however, this book demystified the process of writing and publishing a book. Thank you, Dr. Dale"

"Dr. Dale puts the processes needed to get a book out there in very practical terms, starting with the belief that your words are just as important as any writer."